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Try The airVet App!

If you haven’t yet downloaded our airVet app, there’s never been a better time to do so. This handy phone app connects you to skilled and knowledgeable veterinarians for telemedicine consultations, and you can also use it to call for appointments from the comfort of your couch!

Follow these simple steps to get started with airVet:

1. Download airVet from the Apple app store or Google Play
2. Select your home hospital when prompted
3. Select your primary veterinarian from the list
4. Start a call and test it out!

The app is just as handy onsite at our clinic on your pet’s appointment day, making the curbside check-in process a virtual breeze. Here’s how it works: after a member of our team has taken your pet inside, simply open airVet, select your pet, click on “schedule a virtual visit,” select your veterinarian, and choose “curbside check-in” from the menu of options.

Once your veterinarian is ready, he or she will accept your request and you’ll be connected either via phone or instant messaging. Even if you have to stay outside in the car, the airVet app allows you to be “present” at your pet’s appointment with the vet!

Have questions about how airVet can work for you and your furry family member? Give us a call at (973) 691-9333.