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Sarah Says

Holiday Safety Tips, Makes Them Sick But Keep An Eye Out For Signs

The Christmas season is a time for family, friends and fun. It's also a time when we need to be especially careful to keep our pets safe. There are so… Read more

Thanksgiving Post From Prior Dental Month Importance Of Teeth Cleaning

Dogs are a big part of the family, and just like with humans, it's important to keep their teeth clean. This blog post will provide some easy ways to keep… Read more

Halloween Be Careful About The Candy Around The House And Put It In A Safe Place

Halloween is a time when we all come together to celebrate. For many people, that means dressing up in costumes and enjoying delicious treats. But for our furry friends, Halloween… Read more

How To Know If Your Pet Is In Pain

Do you know how to tell if your dog is in pain? Many pet owners don't, and that can lead to serious health problems for their dogs. Dogs can't speak,… Read more

Boring And How to Keep Your Pet Happy While You Are Away

Do you worry about your pet when you're away? Many people do, and for good reason. Pets can get separation anxiety, become restless, and engage in destructive behavior when left… Read more

Heat Stroke For Dogs Make Sure Dogs Have Shade And Concrete Can Have Burnt Feet

It's hot outside. Too hot for you, and too hot for your dog. That's why we're here to give you some tips on how to keep your furry friend safe… Read more

Pal Pet Adoption League

Every day, thousands of dogs and cats are abused, abandoned, and left for dead. Thankfully, places like the Pet Adoption League exist to help people find homes for animals they… Read more

National Pet Week – St Huberts Oscar in Lake Haupagin

National Pet Week is an event that is celebrated every year in the United States… This week-long event (May 1-7 2022) is dedicated to all of the pets that we… Read more

Be Careful With Your Easter Basket – Easter Lillys Bad For Cats

Easter Sunday... A time when Christians around the world come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus when he rose from the dead as described in the New Testament. Many… Read more

National Puppy Day and Spring Cleaning

Springtime is here! And with the seasons changing, that can only mean one thing… It's time for Spring Cleaning! But there’s something that you might not  think about when it’s… Read more

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