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Thanksgiving Post From Prior Dental Month Importance Of Teeth Cleaning

Dogs are a big part of the family, and just like with humans, it’s important to keep their teeth clean.

This blog post will provide some easy ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy during the holidays! It’s especially important if you notice their breath has been “stinkier” than usual this season. So keep reading to find out how to keep your pups mouth smelling minty fresh throughout the day!

Start Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth…

Regular teeth brushing helps protect your dog’s mouth and overall health. Besides stopping excess plaque, regular brushing also keeps that dreaded “dog breath” at bay. Now you don’t necessarily have to brush teeth every day, but the more you do it, the better. Just make sure you get a toothpaste *specifically* for dogs. Why is this so important? Because the toothpaste used by humans can be VERY toxic for pets. Now just as a heads up, your pup might not like getting their teeth cleaned. Luckily you can pick up dog toothpaste in different flavors, like peanut butter or chicken. Also, be sure to get the right toothbrush size for your dog so you don’t make a mistake and hurt them.

Use Dog Tooth Wipes…

A great alternative to using an actual dog toothbrush is using dental dog wipes. All you do is rub it against your dog’s teeth to remove the plaque. They could be a good alternative to doggy toothbrushes, but the only drawback is they’re not able to get deep between each tooth like a toothbrush. But at the end of the day, something’s better than doing nothing. Dog wipes are just easier to manage  compared to a toothbrush with dog toothpaste.

Grab Some Doggie Dental Treats….

Want to reward your pup and clean their teeth at the same time? Doggie dental treats are a great way to freshen their breath, remove plaque buildup, and promote your good dental health. And to make sure your pup likes them, Dog dental treats come in many different flavors, sizes, and shapes. In other words, if they don’t like a particular flavor, keep going until you find one they like.

Get Their Teeth Cleaned The “Right” Way…

If all else fails, you may want to get their teeth cleaned by a professional. This is actually the BEST way to maintain their dental hygiene. Vets are highly trained and experienced when it comes to oral health in Canines. Because of this, they’re much more equipped to find, and treat any dental issues that normal people wouldn’t even notice. While brushing your dog’s teeth, using dental wipes, and dental treats are good, getting over to the Vet for a cleaning is the best solution for keeping them happy and healthy.

So there you have it! These are some easy ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean during the holidays, or any time of year! Just imagine what people will say when they smell how fresh your dog’s breath is! Not that they’ll be close enough to smell it, but just in-case, they won’t be able to say it stinks!

Do you have any tips on how to keep a dog’s teeth clean? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to share this blog post with any other pet parents you know.

And if you want to get YOUR dog’s teeth cleaned, Click Here to schedule a visit with us!

Thanks for reading.