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National Pet Week – St Huberts Oscar in Lake Haupagin

National Pet Week is an event that is celebrated every year in the United States…

This week-long event (May 1-7 2022) is dedicated to all of the pets that we have in our lives. With a number of daily events and activities that take place during National Pet Week, it provides a great opportunity for people to learn more about how to take care of their furry friends. So whether you have a dog, cat, a bird, a hamster, or even a reptile, National Pet Week is the perfect time to show your appreciation for them!

How National Pet Week Got Started…

Back in 1981, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Auxiliary to the AVMA wanted a way to celebrate the special bond between humans and their pets. It’s also a way to promote responsible pet care. This holiday is observed during the first full week of May. With that being said, here’s a list of daily themes that will be filled with fun and love for pets.

Day 01 / Sunday: “Choose well: Commit for life.”

This is the first step to being a great pet owner. Selecting the pet that’s right for your family’s lifestyle, and making a commitment for that pet’s life is VERY IMPORTANT. And even if you’ve already welcomed a pet into your home, your veterinarian can help you better understand the social and healthcare needs of your individual pet. Are you in the Morris County area and need to schedule an appointment with a Vet? Click Here.

Day 02 / Monday: “Socialize Now: New doesn’t have to be scary.”

One of the best things about National Pet Week is that it provides people with an opportunity to learn more about how to take care of their animal. And day 02 is all about helping your pet get comfortable in new situations by safely exposing it to new situations with other animals, people, and places. And when your pets are properly socialized, everyone is more comfortable around them.

Day 03 / Tuesday: “Nutrition and exercise matter.”

Just like humans, pets need to eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. National Pet Week is a great time to learn more about how to make sure your pet is getting the nutrition and exercise they need. According to a recent study, an estimated 52.7% of dogs and 57.9% cats in America are overweight. That’s why it’s so important to stay active. This improves their heart health, and helps both pets and their owners maintain a healthy weight, and the best part is, it strengthens the human-animal bond!

Day 04 / Wednesday: “Love your pet? See your vet!”

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of regular preventive care in keeping pets healthy and extending their lives. It can also save owners a lot of money in the long run. Don’t put off taking your pet to the veterinarian only when they’re visibly sick or wounded. Pets frequently mask signs of sickness, so frequent examinations are crucial for detecting health issues at an early stage. Early treatment leads to improved health for your pet. And what better time to schedule a checkup than National Pet Week?

Day 05 / Thursday: “Travel with care.”

To keep everyone safe, you’ll need to plan ahead and be familiar with all of the requirements for traveling with dogs. Whether you’re driving a few hours or crossing state lines or borders, there are certain measures you must take to ensure your pet’s safety during transport. Especially when flying overseas. These range from the right type of crate for long distance travel, to veterinary inspections and travel documents. Make careful preparations before going so that you know exactly what is required when traveling with pets from different species.

Day 06 / Friday: “Emergencies happen: Be prepared.”

One of the few things we can be certain of in life is the “unexpected”, AKA Emergencies. We never know when or where they’ll happen, but as a pet owner, you need to plan ahead. Always include your pets in your family’s emergency plan. Know exactly what to do in an emergency, AND how to put together a proper first aid kit. And last but not least, get some documents that can properly identify your pets if you’re ever separated.

Day 07 / Saturday: “Plan for their care: Give them a lifetime of love.”

With enhanced Vet care, pets are living happier, longer lives these days. But as pets age, they’ll need more attention and care. Be sure to get them a check-up at least twice a year. This way, you can detect problems BEFORE they become life-threatening. This can also help you have a better understanding of what’s “normal” and what may be problematic for your pet.

Now that you see how packed full of events this week is, we hope you have a lot of fun celebrating with your friends, family, and most of all, your pet!

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