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Halloween Be Careful About The Candy Around The House And Put It In A Safe Place

Halloween is a time when we all come together to celebrate.

For many people, that means dressing up in costumes and enjoying delicious treats. But for our furry friends, Halloween can be a bit of a scary time. There are lots of things to worry about – from kids running around in scary costumes, to dogs getting into Halloween candy. In this blog post, we will give you some tips on how to keep your pet safe during Halloween. Follow these simple tips and you can rest assured that your pet will have a happy and safe Halloween!

Dogs & Candy:

The first thing you need to do is keep candy out of your pet’s reach. Halloween candy is not safe for pets, and can cause them to become sick. If you have kids, make sure they know not to share their candy with the family pet. Secondly, create a rule for kids when it comes to Halloween candy. Kids should know not to leave any treats where pets can reach it. A good rule of thumb is to keep your candy in a bag on a high shelf, out of reach of curious paws. Thirdly, only allow Halloween candy at the table during mealtimes. This will help prevent pets from getting into anything that has been left out.

Dogs & Costumes:

Halloween costumes can be a lot of fun for your pet, but it’s important to be careful. Make sure that any costume you put on your pet is comfortable and doesn’t restrict their movement. Also, avoid costumes with small, easily removable parts that your pet could swallow. If you are taking your pet trick-or-treating with you, make sure their Halloween costume is easily visible so they don’t get lost in the crowd.

Dogs & Decorations:

Halloween decorations can be fun for your pet, but they can also be dangerous. Avoid decorations that are small and easily swallowed, or that have sharp edges. Be especially careful with Halloween lights – keep them out of reach of pets, and make sure to unplug them when you’re not home. Halloween candles can also be a danger to pets – blow them out before leaving the house, or better yet, use battery operated candles.

Dogs & Parties:

If you are having a Halloween party at your house, make sure to keep an eye on your pet. Halloween parties can be overwhelming for them with lots of new people and loud noises. If possible, put your pet in a quiet room away from the party to help them stay calm. Make sure they have fresh water and something to eat while the festivities are happening. Also, parties attract all kinds of people. Not everyone is a “dog” person, so be sure to keep that in-mind. Keeping your pup in a separate area will keep them safe, and make sure nothing happens between them and people who might be afraid of them, or someone who might possibly want to hurt them.

We hope these tips help you keep your pet safe during Halloween! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

If you feel like your dog has been injured, or ate some candy during this spooooky holiday, Click Here to get in touch with us ASAP!

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